The American Airlines Safety Award is presented annually to the College or University, which has an outstanding safety record and demonstrates the most innovative approach to further aviation safety.

American Airlines pilots meet with team safety representatives (no coaches please) from each school attending SAFECON, to determine the best overall approach to aviation safety.    Documentation should be in the form of a safety album and other flight safety related items accumulated by the flight team during the current academic year.    Items from previous years and teams should be excluded.

The American Airlines Safety Team is most interested in the endeavors of the Flight Team members to promote aviation safety, rather than the operating procedures set forth by the schools.   We realize that in the world of Intercollegiate Aviation, safety is exemplified within all school programs.


50%    Presentation of Safety to the AA representatives. How does your team, define, enhance and promote aviation safety as a Flying Team, in the University environment and in the community.

30%    How does the Flying Team perform in the field?  Is the team “practicing what they are preaching”, representatives from AA will take time to observe the teams in the field during the competition.

5%      Past performance in Safety at Regional Competitions.  Did any teams stand out in the Safety arena? Were any teams penalized or counseled for safety related issues during the Regional competition. Do any of the team members have any violations with the FAA, or pending including motor vehicle actions?

5%      Innovations in safety. Does your team have an idea or new procedure that enhances safety and stands out from the other Flying Teams.

10%    As a percent based on team size, how many FAA WINGS seminars, AOPA safety seminars, or AOPA online safety courses has your team completed or participated in.

Start today and catch the excitement in the challenge of Aviation Safety, and be sure to document each and every occurrence.   Remember Safety is no accident, it is planned.   You do not have to advance to SAFECON Nationals to compete for this prestigious award.