NIFA Committees

The NIFA Council has formed five committees in addition to the Executive Committee which is required by the NIFA By-Laws. The committees serve to review NIFA operations and to make recommendations to the NIFA Council for action. The committees are:
Bylaws - The Bylaws committee is charged with maintaining and updating the NIFA Bylaws.
Executive - The Executive Committee is the only committee required by the NIFA By-Laws. It is also the only committee whose members and chairman are also specified. The Executive Director of NIFA serves as the Chairman. The remainder of the committee members are: the NIFA President; the Council Chairman; two appointed Council members; The Student Representative; and the SAFECON Faculty Adivsor. The NIFA Director of Corporate Relations, the SAFECON Chief Judge, and the SAFECON Associate Chief Judge are ex-officio members of the committee. The committee is responsible for the short term (annual) operation of NIFA.
Judges - The Judges committee has the responsibility for recruiting and training NIFA judges, maintaining an accurate judges database, approval of recommendations for regional chief judges, and recommending to the NIFA Council the National SAFECON Chief Judge and Associate Chief Judge.
Planning - The Planning committee is charged with the formulation of fundraising campaigns and the recruitment of additional support groups for NIFA.
Safety - The The Safety Committee is charged with ensuring that all NIFA competition events will be conducted with the upmost respect for SAFETY and SAFE OPERATING PRACTICES.

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January 23, 2013
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