Invitations to SAFECON 2013

Columbus, OH -- The National Intercollegiate Flying Association's Executive Committee approved the following invitation list is based on the application of the formula specified by NIFA By-law 11.5.

Region I Regional Winner United States Air Force Academy
2nd Invitation
3rd Invitation
Metropolitan State University of Denver
Utah Valley University
Region II Regional Winner Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Prescott
2nd Invitation
3rd Invitation
San Diego Christian College
Mt. San Antonio College
Region III Regional Winner The Ohio State University
2nd Invitation
3rd Invitation*
4th Invitation**
Kent State University
Western Michigan University
Ohio University
Region IV Regional Winner Central Texas College
2nd Invitation
3rd Invitation
LeTourneau University
Texas State Technical College
Region V Regional Winner University of North Dakota
2nd Invitation
3rd Invitation
Minnesota State University - Mankato
University of Dubuque
Region VI Regional Winner Southeastern Oklahoma State University
2nd Invitation
3rd Invitation
Kansas State University - Salina
University of Nebraska - Omaha
Region VII Regional Winner United States Military Academy - West Point
2nd Invitation
3rd Invitation
Dowling College
Bridgewater State University
Region VIII Regional Winner Southern Illininois University
2nd Invitation
3rd Invitation
Lewis University
University of Illinois Urbana - Champaign
Region IX Regional Winner Embry Riddle Aeronautical University - Daytona
2nd Invitation
3rd Invitation
Florida Institute of Technology
Auburn University
Region X Regional Winner Liberty University
2nd Invitation
3rd Invitation
United States Naval Academy
Guilford Technical Community College
Region XI Regional Winner **
SAFECON 2013 Host School Automatic Invitation The Ohio State University
  * Region 3 is issued a third invitation
since The Ohio State University is the
national SAFECON host school. The
national SAFECON host school receives
an automatic invitation. The second and third
place schools are issued the two invitations
the region is allocated based on the application
of the invitation formula specified in the NIFA bylaws.

** Based on NIFA Council action, Region XI's
invitation to Nationals, having gone unfilled,
has been retracted. The invitations forumla
in the NIFA Bylaws has been fully recalculated.
The net result is one additonal invitation for
Region III.

Regional Top Pilots
The following regional top pilots have earned an individual invitation to compete
at SAFECON 2013 though their team may or may not have earned an invitation.

Region I Robert N. Kouwe United States Air Force Academy
Region II Andrew R. Nelson Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Prescott
Region III Anthony S. Pentz The Ohio State University
Region IV Bryan Glover Central Texas College
Region V Austin B. Jacobsen Minnesota State University - Mankato
Region VI Colton A. Daum Kansas State University - Salina
Region VII Scott C. Solis Dowling College
Region VIII Courtney L. Copping Southern Illinois University
Region IX Benjamin D. Eve Embry Riddle Aeronautical University - Daytona
Region X Nathan S. Edwards Liberty University
Region XI -- --

Alternate Invitations
The following teams are alternates who will be invited to compete at SAFECON 2013
should an invited team from their region decline an invitation, or will not be able
to attend SAFECON.

Region I
Colorado Northwestern Commmunity College
Region II
San Jose State University
Region III
University of Cincinnati
Region IV
Delta State University
Region V
St. Cloud State University
Region VI
University of Oklahoma
Region VII
Delaware State University
Region VIII
Middle Tennessee State University
Region IX
Jacksonville University
Region X
Averett University
Region XI