NIFA Council Establishes Registration
Deadlines for National & Regional SAFECONS

San Diego, CA - At its 2008 Mid-Winter Business Meeting, the NIFA Council established a deadline for all teams and contestants registering for a NIFA SAFECON. Fourteen (14) days prior to a competition, all teams and team members must have completed the registration process for any particular competition. Teams or contestants not completing registration by the deadline will not be permitted to compete.

The establishment of the deadline is a result of teams and contestants delaying the process until they arrive at competitions. With the security enironment as well as planning needs of the host schools, delays such as those occuring in the past can no longer be permitted.

Complettion of registration for contestants, coaches, and advisors includes the submission of an acceptable (view guidelines) ID photo through the registration program by the deadline.

Registered team coaches or advisors may request limited changes to their contestant list after the deadline.



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