Elections of 2012-2013
Student Representative to the NIFA Council

Monroe, LA - Elections for the student representative positions to the NIFA Council will be held at the annual business meeting at SAFECONS 2012, in Salina, Kansas on May 19, 2012. The term of office for this election will be from July 1, 2012 until June 30, 2013. Any team member of any NIFA member school may be nominated for this position regardless of whether or not that individual's team qualified to compete at SAFECON 2012 or the individual is present at the annual business meeting.

In accordance with NIFA By-law 2.8, all nominees must meet the following qualifications:
Must be a member of a member institution’s team.
Must be returning to school for at least one (1) full school year after election.
Must have competed in at least one (1) national SAFECON.

Persons insterested in running for the representative position in will need to have their name place in nomination by any member school at the annual business meeting. If present, nominees will be given the opportunity to make a brief set of remarks pertaining to their candidacy.


Send mail to: nifahq@hotmail.com with questions or comments.
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