NIFA Council Extends Bid Deadline For SAFECON 2012?

Monroe, LA -- The National Intercollegiate Flying Association Council has extended the deadline for submitting letters of intent to bid for hosting SAFECON 2012. The original deadline for submitting a letter to the NIFA Executive Director was November 22, 2010.   At the close of business on that date, no school had submitted a bid notification letter.   The NIFA Council has voted to defer from selecting a host school, and has decided to allow the member schools another opportunity to submit bids at the annual business meeting.   However, any school who desires to bid to host SAFECON 2012 at the annual business meeting at SAFECON 2011, must submit a bid notification letter to the NIFA Executive Director by the new bid deadline of February 22, 2011.  

Letters stating a school's intention to bid, must be signed by a university official who holds a position of department chair or higher and has the authority to commit the institution to serving as the SAFECON host.   The letter must be received at the NIFA National Headquarters office no later than 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 22, 2011.   A pdf copy of a signed letter can be submitted in lieu of a hard copy letter to: or   Hard copy letters can be mailed to:

NIFA, Inc.
P.O. Box 15081
Monroe, LA   71207

Schools which choose to bid, may withdraw from the bidding process at any time prior to the selection of the host school at SAFECON 2011.

Schools which submit bid letters and fall into one of the following categories must complete a site visit by members of the NIFA Executive Committee before May 1, 2011.   Schools are not charged for the cost of the site visit.   If a school must undergo a site visit and is successful in their bid to host SAFECON 2012, the cost of the site visit will be applied to the SAFECON 2012 budget.

Member schools with questions about the above process or any other questions pertaining to hosting a national SAFECON can contact the NIFA Executive Director at 318-325-6156 or at or